Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Alcohol abuse

There has been some debate as to whether those in the medical profession are more likely than the average population to abuse alcohol. This article in the Student BMJ suggests the evidence is inconclusive, but does note a culture of ritualised drinking games in certain medical student cohorts. Even if alcohol abuse were no higher than in other comparable professions, it would still represent worryingly high levels of consumption.

Now, perhaps medical professionals are better than most in not allowing their drinking to endanger others, in view of the obvious risks of malpractice. However, evidence from Spain shows that a higher proportion of medical professionals there are drink-driving.

In our chapter of the psychology of doctors, we discuss the question of whether medical training and practice puts an unusual strain on doctors. We suggest that the source of the problem lies earlier. This report comments on a study published in 1972 which agrees
that alcohol and drug use among physicians was related to life adjustment (e.g., unstable childhood) difficulties before medical school.
Unfortunately, this type of detailed study of the lives of a sector of the population are much rarer today.


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