Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Low Season

I'm busy preparing four papers at the moment, including one for a workshop on 'mathematics and narrative' in Delphi next week, along with two grant proposals. It would probably be more efficient to do this sequentially rather than in parallel, but deadlines force the issue.

So not much time for psychosomatic medicine. I'm mulling over some thoughts about this idea that paediatric medicine needs to be based on studies of children, rather than than assuming they're little adults. An appropriate thought for those adopting the psychosomatic approach too. You may recall that experimenters found it easier to remove warts by suggestion in prepubescent children rather than older subjects.

Thin pickings then, but I see the Hay Festival organisers have put material online, so you tune in to Darian and my presentation here.


DrBob said...

So how did the mathematics and narrative session go? I'm keen to hear about it. Care to post?
By the way, ever seen {Proof}? (posted about it on

david said...

I wrote about the workshop briefly at my other blog. As I say there, what I most enjoyed where the two sessions, first as interviewer then as interviewee. To have around 3 hours of someone's undivided attention while you both consider something one has written produces an extraordinary effect. It brought home to me how little genuine interaction takes place at most conferences.