Friday, 27 July 2007


Posting is going to be fairly sparse until the autumn. But here are four reports which might be of interest:

1) I've mentioned research on cortisol levels in foetuses correlating with the mother's state of mind. Now it appears this may be a mechanism which disturbs infants' sleep, and this is known to have physiological consequences.

2) People may get 'real symptoms' from worrying about phone masts.
"Belief is a very powerful thing," said Professor Elaine Fox, of the University of Essex, who led the three-year study. "If you really believe something is going to do you some harm, it will."
3) Identification may be an important factor in determining obesity levels. When family members share a condition, genes are often reached for. In our book we suggest this may lead us away from thinking in terms of identification. Now, some research suggests that having an overweight friend may influence your own weight.

4) Can pets detect when people are soon to die? Strangely, the attending doctor is reported as limiting the perceptive cat's options to a 'biochemical explanation' or 'being psychic'. Can't a cat pick up behaviour?

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